Slimming is weight loss that occurs as a result of various reasons. The human body’s capacity to burn fat can be measured. It varies depending on the person, their age and gender but it has a lower and upper limit. On average, a healthy adult loses 2-4 kg of weight with a healthy diet program. 


What does slimming depend on?

When we say slimming, the first thing we mean is the change when we get on the scales. But this isn’t necessarily true for us Medical Aesthetics doctors. For us, the important thing is to both lose weight from our fat mass but also maintain muscle mass. To achieve this purpose, we have two options; 


1, Getting the amount of our food intake under control : For me, a correct diet is based on QUANTITY CONTROL! This means that a person needs to consume the amount they need to consume at the right time, and keep the amount and consumption of harmful foods under control. Food types we need to consume with moderation are simple sugars, carbohydrates, baked goods (white flour) and products with high fat content. Based on this, a right diet program is a program that doesn’t necessarily cut all of these foods off but keep them under control. When we talk about the methods for slimming, everyone first thinks of eating less, which is a method we try to implement right away. But this is not the right approach, we must always stick to a good diet program. The most important difference between a good diet program and a bad diet program is that a good diet program does not have low-calorie recipes and lists that starve us or only a single type of food.   


2, Increasing the energy consumption : The first answer to the question “How can I increase the energy I consume?” is, of course, exercise. When we exercise correctly, we increase our general metabolic rate and our musculoskeletal system’s fat burning rate.  


When it comes to localized excess weight, both of these methods will prove insufficient. In this case, localized weight treatment will provide us the support we need.



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