This is a very popular method all over the world due to its effects in weight loss and aesthetic applications... In a session that lasts 30-45 minutes, this weight loss treatment method activates the metabolism with the presence of oxygen and with the simultaneous application of heat, sound therapy, a soothing vibration system, and aromatherapy. The oxygen medical spa is also used for detox and anti-stress treatments. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved device Dynamed Medical Spa System combines medical and spa technologies.  


What are the benefits of this method?


– reduces water retention in the body


– cleanses the skin and provides pure beauty


– provides relief from many pains such as muscle pains


– increases calorie consumption due to being used in cellulite treatment


– increases the metabolic rate


– eliminates emotions such as stress and anxiety


– supports weight loss


Does it have an effect on localized weight loss?


When oxygen capsules and mesotherapy are combined, a successful result can be achieved in both general and localized weight loss. When we look at the numbers, mesotherapy is quite popular all over the world, especially in European countries and the United States, due to its positive effects on weight loss and aesthetics applications.


Does it have other areas of use?


It can also be used in pain therapy, smoking cessation, anti-stress and sleep disorders. It boosts the immune system and can also be used for anti-aging purposes. Patients who undergo surgery and use this capsule show improvement in a very short time after the surgery. Moreover, it provides a morale and concentration boost for the person as it reduces stress and anxiety.