Ozone Therapy in Cancer

Ozone Therapy in Cancer


Due to its immune-boosting effects, ozone is used as complementary therapy for cancer. Activating biological reactions, it makes the body more resilient and energetic. It also plays a key role in minimizing the side effects caused by cancer and radiotherapy. In his studies, scientist and Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg noted the following with regards to ozone:


– The main reason for cancer being oxygen deprivation


– Oxygen being one of the causes of tumors found in the body


– Ozone playing a role in the immune system


– Having a mitigating role for the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy


What are the benefits of ozone therapy in cancer?


– Destroys tumor cells and also boosts the immune system


– Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy


– Boosts the immune system