Not just for aesthetics but for the treatment of many diseases...


What is mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a procedure where certain substances (amino acids, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, fat dissolving substances, antioxidants, hair developers, growth factors etc.) are used with special and careful methods for the treatment of medical or cosmetic issues. 


Mesotherapy was first used by Michel Pistor in France in the year 1952 for pain treatment. Later becoming a conventional medical method in 2002, this application is widely used in Europe.


What kind of a procedure is mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a local treatment method. Therefore, the medicine is injected on the treatment area with very fine special needles with a length of 4-6 mm, as a single substance or as a mixture. With these microinjections, diseases can be treated or kept under control. An important advantage is its fast-acting mechanism that carries the medicine to the ends of the capillaries located in the middle or lower layers of the skin.


What kind of applications is mesotherapy ideal for?


Hair loss

Localized weight loss


Aging skin

Various skin problems



Additionally; it is preferred for the treatment of neck-lower back and back pain, joint diseases, insomnia, allergic asthma, migraines and psychosomatic diseases, sports traumas.




What are the benefits of mesotherapy?


Rapid impact

No side effects when administered by the right people

No need for local or general anesthesia

The person can go back to their daily life as normal after the application



For whom it is unsuitable/ill-advised to apply mesotherapy?


Pregnant women

Breastfeeding mothers

Those with immunological diseases

Diabetes and cancer patients

Those with skin rashes

Those who are allergic to iodine

Heart failure


Kidney diseases

Patients who are on blood thinners.



Are there any side effects?


In mesotherapy, it is an advantage to administer the drugs locally and in small doses. This makes mesotherapy superior to other treatments. It is important that the application is performed by specialist physicians. Because with mesotherapy, drug doses and the method of administration are completely under the control of specialists. There are very few side effects.