Ozone Therapy for Skin and Hair Diseases

Ozone Therapy for Skin and Hair Diseases


Effective treatments for your hair and skin!... As it increases the oxygen that reaches the tissues, ozone provides positive results when used for the skin and hair. This makes medical ozone a very effective choice of treatment in the war against persistent skin lesions and fungus. Ozone therapy applied on hairless areas of the scalp increases the oxygen in the blood, thus hair follicles slowly begin to produce hair.


What are the causes of hair loss?


- Serious nutrition disorders


- Oily, itchy scalp with dandruff


- Stress, psychosocial adversities


- Side effects of medications


- Fungal infections


- Hair loss occurs when hair is exposed to extremely high temperatures.


What is the impact of ozone therapy in skin and hair diseases?


- Increases blood circulation, facilitates the healing and renewal of tissues


- For viral diseases such as shingles  


- For skin lesions such as acne, furuncle


- For allergic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, hives


- Dandruff, oil, alopecia


- Prevention of female and male pattern hair loss


- Prevention of body odor