Localized weight loss varies according to the body type. Let’s examine them in order:


Excess Weight on the Hips and the Sides: This body type has excess weight on the hips and on the sides. The excess weight is 4-9 kg on average.


Treatment: Lipolysis is the suitable treatment method for this type of excess weight.


Excess Weight on Belly, Upper Body and Sides: This body type has excess weight on the belly, above the belly and to the sides. This is more commonly seen in men as compared to women. There is no sign of excess weight on the legs. Hormones with cortisone effects cause this type of fattening, which is hereditary. The point to consider is that fattening causes the hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, diet programs must be prepared carefully and regulate cholesterol.


Treatment: Acupuncture and mesotherapy, and in some cases, lipolysis treatments are suitable.


Distributed Lower Body Fat: Excess weight is distributed from the thighs to the ankles. The excess weight may be 5-10 kg on average. A distinct feature from other body types is the thickness, swelling or hydrolipodystrophy in the region between the ankles and the knees. A disadvantage of this type is worse response to weight loss programs. This is more commonly seen during the middle ages or later but also can be seen in younger ages.


Treatment: Mesotherapy with microinjection treatments and sometimes vacuum reflexotherapy treatments involving suitable lymph drainage programs are among the suitable treatment methods.  


Knee, Armpit and Belly Fat From the Sides: Most of the people with this type of excess weight have hyperlordosis. They also have a lot of cellulites (hydrolipodystrophy). To understand this better, let’s look at the skin in more detail:


The uppermost layer of the skin is the ‘Epidermis’. The layer called ‘Dermis’, which is the layer below Epidermis is 4 mm thick. Fibroblast cells that are responsible for restoring or wrinkling the skin are also located within this layer. A lower layer contains the subcutaneous tissue where fat is more abundant. Cellulites are a condition caused by this fat tissue. In hormonal imbalances, significant changes occur in intercellular liquid production. This disrupts the functionality of the fat cells and causes excessive fat production. Swollen by the excessive fat content in the fat cells, an “orange peel” appearance is created.


Treatment: Microinjection treatments, mesotherapy are suitable and effective treatment methods. Since this involves three different circulatory problems, a separate drug must be administered for each one. In addition, this combination needs to be accompanied by drugs that accelerate the burning of fat. Acupuncture and dietary arrangements, vacuum reflexotherapy treatment, supersonic waves, oxygen capsules are suitable methods of treatment.


Excess Weight and Cellulites on the Hips and the Sides: This type has a similar appearance to excess weight on the hips and the sides. The difference is the abundance of cellulites and lipodystrophies.


Treatment: The top priority treatment is mesotherapy. Additionally, sonolipolysis (sound waves), reflexotherapy, vacuum massage can be administered as supplementary methods. Acupuncture and electrolipolysis treatment are also very effective for this type.


Menopausal Type Cellulites: This involves excess weight on the abdomen, the inner thighs and the sides. During the menopausal stage, many changes occur in the body. One of these changes is the soft cellulites that are formed on the inner thighs. Another result of this stage is the formation of a second belly on the abdomen. Additionally, as female hormones are reduced, hormone replacement is carried out as a treatment. Hot flashes on the head area, blushing, the feeling of distress and insomnia are very common complaints.  


Treatment: Acupuncture, microinjections for soft celluliltes, electrolifting, reflexotherapy vacuum massage methods, mesotherapy are suitable treatment methods. As for food, white meat, low-fat yogurt and milk are recommended.