What are the causes of hair loss?

- Genetic factors

- Nutritional deficiencies

- Iron deficiency anemia

- Thyroid hormone disorder

- Postnatal period




How is mesotherapy applied for hair?

The treatment consists of two parts, and is administered in sessions. At least two month-long cures are arranged and applied 1-2 times a week. The first part is to strengthen the hair follicles. Vitamins and a cocktail that feeds hair follicle cells are injected to the scalp with hair loss, using the microinjection method. The second part is to prevent the loss of hair. 




How many sessions does the treatment take?

Hair mesotherapy is administered in 7-10 day intervals, and 4 to 10 sessions can be applied depending on the amount of hair loss and the hair’s condition. In short, a program that lasts 2-6 months is created.




Are there any side effects?

The most important advantage of this treatment is that there are no side effects, and no systemic impacts as a result of applying the treatment locally to address the root cause directly. In short, the treatment area is the scalp that experiences direct hair loss.




Who are ineligible for hair mesotherapy?

- This treatment is not advisable for patients who are treated for the following; Heart failure

- Diabetes

- Kidney disease

- Pregnancy / breastfeeding

- Anticoagulants.