Safe and non-invasive body shaping treatment... The localized weight loss treatment with Ultrashape uses focused ULTRASOUND waves (sound waves) and aims to break down fats locally, to be absorbed for further use by the body.


Which areas are suitable for Ultrashape application?


It is suitable for the abdomen, the sides, hips, inner thighs and lower back, where soft fat tissues are more commonly found.


What kind of treatment method is Ultrashape?


Ultrashape’s “on the go” procedure is very easy for the patient. The procedure can be applied immediately after consultation. The doctor marks the areas that will receive treatment, beginning the procedure. When the patient is lying down, the energy is transferred to the marked areas with a transformer that converts electrical energy into sound waves. In this way, fat cells are broken down safely.  


What happens to the fat that receives the treatment?


During the treatment, the membranes of the fat cells are broken. Fat cells, mostly consisting of triglycerides, liquefy and spread to the spaces between the cells. It then travels to the liver via the vascular and lymphatic system. The liver does not differentiate between these broken down fats and the fats taken into the body by eating food, thus they are processed by the body naturally.


Is this a painful procedure?


Most of the patients who received this treatment stated that they did not feel any pain and had no side effects. After the treatment, patients are able to return to their daily lives.


How many sessions does it take? When can the effects be observed?


The protocol is determined according to the personal characteristics, individual evaluations and special requirements of the patient. Generally, the application is carried out over the course of 3-4 sessions in 15-day intervals. If the patient follows up with a healthy diet schedule, the results will be more consistent. At our clinic, we aim for a drop of 1 body size, i.e. 3,5-4 cm after 3 sessions.