A natural treatment method without side effects...


Reflexotherapy is a treatment method that ensures the activation of disrupted skin reflexes and active drainage in tissues.


What are the benefits of reflexotherapy?


– Revitalizes the reflexes that have become disrupted and slowed down with deformations in the body


– Increases lymphatic circulation thanks to a vacuum massage that does not cause pain in the tissues


– Prevents the formation of cellulites


– Plays an accessory role in localized weight loss therapy


– Relaxes the body


– Can be used for rehabilitation purposes for body deformations such as under eye bags, cracks, surgical scars, swollen legs, and in the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy.


What is Starvac and how is it applied?


Thanks to moving cylinders, this method applies hits and rolls on skin layers.


After regular application, Starvac provides the following benefits:  


– Increases the firmness of the skin


– Accelerates lymphatic and blood circulation


– Localized slimming and shaping of body features


– Relaxation and lightness thanks to the removal of toxins


– Supports cellulite treatment