Dr.Seran Göçer's First Book "Positive Beauty" Is Out

The desire to look young, beautiful and fresh is as old as human history.


Everyone wants to look better, to shine, and to protect themselves from the destructive effects of time.


Medical aesthetics has now reached an incredible point in meeting our expectations.


Now science is in the pursuit of beauty, happiness and looking natural.


At this point, based on her achievements and experiences over the years, famous doctor Seran Göçer tells us exactly what we need to know: The ways to combine the beauty of our bodies with the goodness of our souls!


In Positive Beauty, we will gain insight into different techniques, find out false facts that are commonly known as the truth and learn how to unlock our hidden beauty. With protocols, recipes and easy-to-apply methods, beauty is within our reach.


Get ready: The light inside of us will illuminate our bodies, now it’s our time to be beautiful. It’s Positive Beauty time!






In today’s society, aesthetic interventions are no longer defined as “luxury” or “extraordinary” procedures, and have managed to become a part of the lives of every sociocultural and economic group, and in fact have become complementary to our psychological well-being.


The concept of mental health involves a person’s feeling good and confident, and evaluating themselves as an individual with high self-esteem. From this perspective, a person’s desire to change and transform facial and body features that do not conform to their aesthetic values to the extent allowed by medicine, science and ethics can be seen as a positive step towards mental health. 


When your mind decides to set off on a journey in line with its values of becoming beautiful, the second most important question is, who will accompany you in this journey as your doctor? Nowadays, this extremely popular practice is unfortunately being carried out by people who are not quite the masters of this field, using unscientific methods. However, when it comes to human health, there is only one address. If the person you choose is a physician, they will be knowledgeable about anatomy, pathology and physiology as a result of their training in the medical school. They will also be able to determine the person’s mental background and if necessary, refer them to a psychiatrist for consultation before or after the procedure, putting them on the right track. It might not be very easy for a person to get used to the changes on the face or body they see every day on the mirror and create a new body image in their mind. For this exact reason, a medical aesthetics physician who, by principle, acts in accordance with the person’s mental needs, will offer them a safe path. 


Do you choose the aesthetic features you desire according to the new trends set by the society, or are they a reflection of your personal history? That is another important question. The most valuable tip in answering this question is basing your decisions on your emotional needs. If we believe that a person deserves to shape their own visual and therefore emotional future, it is impossible not to seek answers to questions like “What do I need to look like?” and “Who am I?”. Although the perception of beauty is in a constant state of change depending on social, cultural values, feminist movements and today’s relations, your emotional needs and values define your identity more than any of them. If aesthetic lines are a far cry from the individual’s character traits and own perception of beauty, one can become a stranger to oneself. That’s why ignoring your individual differences and applying the same procedures every time would be far from creativity and ethical values. On the contrary, all of these procedures must be rooted in science and come together to intertwine with creativity and artistic aesthetics. This step is the most valuable step towards “Positive Beauty”.