With electrotherapy applications, fat burning rate increases, losing weight becomes easier...


Electrotherapy is a weight loss method which gives definition to saggy and weak muscles, improves skin quality and tightens the area of application. Biostimulation is the advanced version of electrotherapy treatments.


What are the areas of application for electrotherapy?


It is simply not possible to give firmness to certain areas with exercise. However, with biostimulation, you can tighten up the abdomen, and the insides of arms and legs.


How is biostimulation performed?


Wave lengths administered on the body with this special system which is capable of transmitting the biologically correct trophic code to the body, using 44 different wave lengths, act naturally in the body. Current is introduced using electrodes placed on the body. Treatment options include detox, lifting, slimming and tightening, exercise and rehabilitation. 


How many sessions does it take to see the effects?


Thanks to applications carried out 2-3 times a week or in 15 sessions in total, after firming, which is the earliest observed effect, the person feels slimmer and more tense.


What are some of the benefits of electrotherapy?


– Restoration of saggy skin


– Shaping of the body


– Restoration of sagging in the abdomen, which is especially encountered in women after giving birth


– Restoring the looseness caused by frequent weight loss-gain


– Draining the liquids accumulating in the body


Also, with additional ultrasound application, the fat burning rate is increased, and the stimulation of collagen and elastin supports the treatment of cellulites.