Trends in Medical Aesthetics; Facelifting with Focused Ultrasound

In recent years, a natural look has been highly sought after in Medical Aesthetics applications. My patients also want their skin to glow brightly, look moisturized and to have fewer wrinkles, but the most important thing they want from me is to look natural.

With increasing demand in this field, we are always working towards keeping up with them along with new device technologies. A method you have been frequently hearing about in recent years is; needle fractional radiofrequency.   

If you are concerned about fine wrinkles, irregularities that disrupt the integrity of your skin color and texture in particular, you might want to know what the best solution is. Medical technology offers a new application for non-surgical face lifting every day. What these methods have in common is an application that creates controlled damage on your skin, allowing it to renew itself. However, this controlled damage can also be quite painful, cause you discomfort or force you to become socially isolated during the recovery period.

While our work life continues, we want to get quick results and recover quickly. Today’s advance technology offers new solutions that give the impression of a natural filler or smale-scale face lift application on your skin, without any pain or a long and arduous process of recovery.

Needle radiofrequency is among the best examples of cutting-edge technology and it combines the benefits of a surgical procedure with a reliable and comfortable application, thanks to its ‘Hybrid Energy’ technology.

Needle radiofrequency is an easy and quick procedure which enables collagen renewal and elastin formation and increases the existing amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It provides you with a rejuvenated and renewed skin without interfering with your daily life rhythm.

The needle radiofrequency method causes trauma that is specifically geared towards removing fine facial wrinkles. However, trauma is not caused by the needles as the name suggests. Trauma is caused by using radiofrequency, ie electrical energy with the help of the needles. That’s why the trauma is very mild and the recovery period is very short. The application, which affects the lowermost layers of the skin, takes about 20 minutes and is tolerated very easily. The change that we encounter after the application of the Hybrid Energy Technology is a mini facelift effect that provides natural “filler”-like results.

3 weeks following the application, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin increases without a filler application, and this is caused by the collagen and elastin fibers, the synthesis of which has been increased the skin. One of the most important advantages of this procedure is that it is a quick and comfortable application and does not interfere with your daily life rhythm.

You can carry on with your day looking and feeling younger.

The application is done in 3 sessions with an interval of 7-10 days, the first effects are seen after 1 month and the desired result is achieved after 3 months.

As a result, the skin will be tighter and revitalized, the wrinkles will be minimized, and a considerable natural “filler” effect will be observed in the dermis.